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Evo Works, Inc

An X-Men:Evolution Fan Works Community

X-Men: Evolution Fan Works
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Evo Works, Inc; an X-men Evolution FanWorks Community. What is the reason for this community? Well, to display your Evo fan fiction and fan art to the world of LiveJournal. It also provides a place of general Marvel discussion, fiction and art discussion, rants, advice, beta requests, etc...

If you do post your work in Evo Works, please include the following:

Fan Fiction
-Link or LJ-Cut

Fan Art
-Materials Used
-Link or LJ-Cut

Warning include NC-17 ratings, slash, death, graphic violence, crossovers, non-evo fic, etc.

Also, please do not flame users (offer constructive criticism instead), or post your work directly in your entry. Pages load faster when LJ-Cut and links are used. If there are any questions on the content allowed or any other questions, please email me.

X-Men: Evolution is Love.