HemlockDalise (hemlockdalise) wrote in evo_works,

Please Help!

Hey there,
I'm new to the community, and was wondering if anyone knows where I could find copies of InterNutter's fics, particularly Misfits and others involving Sara. I know she has a fanfiction.net page, but the version of Misfits on there is about another 20 chapters short of the one that was on her site before it crashed.  I PM-ed her, but haven't had any luck, and I know it is likely to be a while, if ever, before she gets her s

There was also one involving Kurt and either Amanda or kitty reincarnating through the ages, and I can't for the life of me remember it, as well as one with Kurt being sold to a circus and promptly adopted by a member of the crew who remids him of his mother.

Any help would be much appreciated in finding these. Or any links to recommended fic.

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